Dahlia with different backgrounds

Dahlia watercolor

I planted a white Dahlia in my garden this spring. This week I’ve been working on painting this lovely flower.

I sketched the flower in pencil first and then used a black micron pen size .02 to go over the pencil marks. I mix my gray color for this painting using burnt sienna light and aquamarine blue.  The white flower has a lot of gray shadowing which I carefully painted with a round #2 brush.

Dahlia without a background

Dahlia without a background color
Dahlia without a background color

I am happy with this painting, but it left me wanting more color, so in the next painting I used bright pink and some purple around the flower which I thought would make the flower pop. What I found was that the very strong background seemed to overpower the delicate flower.  Below is my next attempt with a softer light blue and purple background.

Dahlia with a background color
Dahlia with a background color

Although I like the background, I am happier with the actual flower in the first painting. I may have rushed a bit with this last painting.  Oh well, this is a learning experience and I did have fun, which is what this is all about!

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Happy Painting!!

Patty Anne

Author: pattyanneart

An artist in love with watercolor painting and photography. On a journey to share art and happiness.

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