White Goose in Watercolor

Goose watercolor

This week I was back to painting birds and I decided to work on a white goose. I had fun using light shades of blue and purple for shadows and definition.

On this painting, I worked a bit larger using Arches 11×14 inch cold pressed watercolor paper. The roughness of this paper was a great help when it came time to add some texture to my goose.

Here is my goose without a background. I am so in love with how the bill turned out!

Goose watercolor without background
Goose watercolor without background

I decided to add a background to this painting after it dried. I always get nervous at this stage…Am I going to mess it up, what if I don’t like it after adding the background? Well, I threw those thoughts aside and continued anyway. Using similar colors, I tried to connect my goose to the background by blurring part of the neck and back area into the color of the background. After doing so, it still looked as if I had too much white paper, so I added a touch of blue for the sky and a blur of greens near the bottom to indicate a grassy area. I am happy that I added the background, I think it added more interest and fun.

Goose watercolor with background
Goose watercolor with background

Techniques used

  • Wet on Wet – Adding water to the paper first and then dropping in color while the paper is still wet. Using this technique, I like to have a tissue handy in case I want to lift out any color or lightly touch up an area.
  • Dry Brush – For adding some texture, I used straight pigment on a mostly dry brush and then dragged the side of my brush on the paper in the direction of the feathers or fur area.

I hope you enjoy my work and are inspired to keep painting and having fun. If you would like to receive notifications of new posts by email, just click the follow button on the right. I would love for you to follow me on this journey.

You can see more of my work onΒ InstagramΒ and also on my new website,Β PattyAnneArt.

Happy Painting!

Patty Anne


Author: pattyanneart

An artist in love with watercolor painting and photography. On a journey to share art and happiness.

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