Pink Tulips – watercolor

Pink Tulips watercolor

A Spring inspired post for you today with a few watercolor tulips.

Tulips make me a happy girl. ❤  I hope you enjoy them as well . 🙂

Soft Pink Tulip painted on 6 x 9 inch Bee paper.

I love the ruffled petals. When working on the background, I decided to also ruffle the edge of the background colors a bit. I really like how that worked out.

Pink Tulip
Soft Pink Tulip


Bright Pink Tulips painted on 6 x 9 inch Bee paper.

The greens and bright pinks work well together. I love that combination.

To create the soft distant tulips, I used the wet on wet technique. I simply wet the paper first with clean water and then while the paper was still wet, painted the general shape of tulips with a wet brush loaded with color. Then I continued dropping in more color to build up different areas.

Pink Tulips
Bright Pink Tulips

Watercolor Tips
– Build up color from light to dark

– Always have a tissue handy for those times when you drop too much color or too much water on your paper

– Mix it up and try something different
maybe a bold color, different brush, different paper, or an unusual color choice

I hope you are inspired to create art and do something you love. Thank you for stopping by and following along. Until next time, have a great week. 🙂

Happy Painting!

Patty Anne



Author: pattyanneart

An artist in love with watercolor painting and photography. On a journey to share art and happiness.

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