Coffee and Roses

coffee painted roses

I have a few pieces to share with you that I recently painted with coffee. I am a big coffee lover but have never painted with it before.

Happy Sunday, friends! 😊

After watching a painting with coffee SkillShare class by Yasmina Creates,Β I thought it would be fun. I didn’t have any instant coffee as recommended. Instead I used espresso powder for baking that I had on hand, it worked pretty well…Β  β˜•οΈ

For darker shades I mixed more coffee with less water

and lighter shades I mixed more water with less coffee

Cup of coffee painted with coffee

First try… Cup of coffee (painted with coffeeΒ πŸ˜‰)

I like the shape of the cup and nice dark values here but may have added a little too much steam.

A few things I learned:

  • Coffee is not transparent
  • It moves a lot on paper and is a bit hard to control
  • Stronger coffee/darker shades take much longer to dry
  • Darker thicker coffee is shiny after it dries (kind of cool)


Coffee painted rose

6 x 9 inch – Simple rose

A nice little practice, just playing and having fun.


Coffee painted roses

6 x 9 inch – Coffee roses

It was fun to try something different. Painting with one color forced me to focus on value and shape, that’s a good thing.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love. With all of this coffee talk, I’m ready sit back and enjoy a nice hot cup to drink.

Until next time, share a smile and shine on.

Patty Anne πŸ’™

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