Little birdies this week

fun little watercolor birdie

I have a couple watercolor birdies to share with you today.  These little cuties were simple and fun. 😊

Happy Sunday, friends! πŸ’š


birdie watercolor under painting

A little birdie under painting, wet on wet dropping in different colors. I didn’t sketch anything first, just an oval shape for my bird and a flat oval for the top of the pot below him.


fun little watercolor birdie

I added some ink detail with a few different colored micron pens. Then I sprinkled some joyful feathers, hearts, and flowers all over.


birdie sketching eyes and feathers

I wanted my second bird to be looking up and have a different type of eye. Here I was playing around trying to find a cute shape that I could easily duplicate. I also wanted a few soft feathers and so I worked on that a little bit too.


birdie on a branch watercolor

This little sweetie started off in the same way as the first bird. I decided to change up the colors on this one and to have him surrounded by flowers on a branch.

I tried to keep it soft and so I only added small ink touches. I like how the bird kind of blends into the tree. I kept the detail to a minimum so that it would be a little dreamy.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love. Thank you for stopping by and following me on this creative journey.

Until next time, share a smile and stay excellent!

🌸  Patty Anne   🌸

#worldwatercolormonth … it’s going on now πŸ˜€

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An artist in love with watercolor painting and photography. On a journey to share art and happiness.

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