Feels like home – watercolor and ink

Something sweet to share with you today.

Hope your day is wonderful, friends! 💙😊

I just love to paint birds and flowers and was in the mood for something sweet. It started with a watercolor under painting.


bird and flowers watercolor under painting

Sorry about the quality of the photo, not great but it works.

I used a #6 round brush and started with the leaves. For the bird I built up the color with about 3 washes darkening each time. The flowers were last as I tried to balance things out.

At this point I was pretty happy with the painting but wanted more. So out came the pens… I was thoughtful about wanting to keep the softness of the piece which meant I needed to be careful with the amount of ink used.


bird and flowers watercolor and ink painting

I darkened the bird’s eye and added some light marks on the body and legs. Just a few small touches for the little guy and no outlining.

I tried to use some soft playful outlines on the flowers while using my regular bold outline on the leaves.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love. Thank you for following me on this journey.

Until next time, share a smile and sprinkle kindness everywhere!

🌸  Patty Anne 🌸

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A little bit of this and that

I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of this and that with you today.

Happy Sunday, friends! 💚


a few florals in my sketchbook

Playing in my sketchbook brings me joy.

This little sketchbook is 5 x 5 inches and just perfect for a quick ink sketch.


a few ink sketches of flowers and birds

Little bird and flowers… These pages just make me smile.

In my sketchbook I can explore ideas and not worry about making mistakes. Sometimes the results are good and other times not so much. It gives me an opportunity to try different compositions and elements on a small scale.


simple green and blue landscape

A simple watercolor landscape…calm and soothing.

Just three colors used in this painting, Prussian Blue, Sap Green, and Green Gold.


pretty orange flowers the garden

Some pretty flowers in my garden. This photo was taken using my iPhone in portrait mode. Such lovely colors and interesting shapes. Oh happy day!

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and shine on!

🌸 Patty Anne 🌸

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Spring flowers and birds

I have a few recent paintings to share today inspired by nature’s beautiful gifts.

Happy Sunday, friends! 💚


birdie watercolor

A sweet little birdie watercolor with just a touch of ink.


garden blooms watercolor

Watercolor floral with my favorite soft spring colors.

Flowers and birds always make me happy.  I hope they brighten your day as well.

I will probably cut back to one blog post a week for a while. I need to slow down a little but I will continue to paint and sketch. You can find me (and hopefully follow me) on Instagram at pattyanneart.

Until next time, take care and be well!

🌸  Patty Anne Art  🌸

Coffee painting again

When I started painting and playing with coffee I didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be. I have a few more coffee paintings to share today.

Happy Sunday, friends! 💚


Coffee Birdie painting

I sketched a little bird in pencil and then started painting with coffee. I tried not to overcomplicate the feathers and made sure to leave some white spots here and there. I love this little guy, so soft and sweet…


Coffee Palette

Espresso powder for baking works well for me.

Simply adding a little water to a small amount of powder and then you have a nice coffee mix. The espresso has been on my palette for a while, so this time I just sprayed a mist of water on it to rewet it.

Coffee Roses painting

I’ve been working on roses and decided to paint a few more with coffee. I used two round #6 brushes for this painting.  One brush for color and the other for clean water. The second clean brush was handy for extra blending or lifting of color.

I started with the center rose on bottom, then added a rose on each side.
It needed more, so I continued and stacked a few more smaller roses on top.

I started with some large leaf shapes and tried to balance things out on each side of my roses. I still wanted more, so for a little variety and movement I added some smaller leaves on the outer edges.

I hope you enjoy seeing my art and are inspired to do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and have fun!

🌸   Patty Anne   🌸

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Happy Thanksgiving

I have a few favorites to share with you today.  😊

Hope you have a wonderful day, friends! 💚

Peaceful view photograph

A favorite photo taken while in California a few months ago.

The view from my room was amazing.


willow watercolor painting

A favorite watercolor painting from last year that I wanted to share again.

Willows, loose and free. I just love these colors together.


chickadee watercolor

A sweet little chickadee that I painted earlier this year.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and stay excellent!

Happy Thanksgiving!

🌸 Patty Anne  🌸

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Inktober sketching this week

A quick post today with a few more #Inktober sketches to share.

Hope you are having a wonderful day, friends! 💚


little mushroom ink sketch

A sweet little mushroom sketch.  I can imagine a little tea party happening here. ☕️🐭


Tufted titmouse ink sketch

I always love sketching birds. For this little cutie,  I tried to limit the lines and make them more deliberate. On the piece of wood, though, I used more lines. I like that contrast in this sketch.


christmas ornament ink sketch

A little ornament sketch. I really like how clean and simple this is. Something about it just makes me smile. I think I will use it for one of my Christmas cards this year. 🎄

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and stay excellent!

🌸  Patty Anne 🌸

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Warming up for Inktober

I’ve been sketching a lot this week and thinking about #Inktober2019.  It’s hard to believe that October is right around the corner.

Happy Sunday, friends! 💚


parrot ink sketch - minimal lines

I added to my micron pen stash and have been thinking about a theme for the month.

For this parrot above, I used minimal lines and really like how that worked out. That might be something to work on throughout the month.



playful floral ink sketching

I love to play with botanical doodle sketches. That will definitely be part of my work for the month as well. Having fun and seeing where the sketch takes me…


floral fun ink sketch

Florals alway work their way into my sketchbook and so I’m sure they will continue.

I like the idea of having a theme and think I will go with a combination of playful, floral, and animals. I’m excited see where the pen takes me this year. 😀

I hope you decide to join in on the fun too. You can sketch whatever you like or find the 2019 list of prompts online. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing art that is posted by other artists.

Until next time, share a smile and stay excellent!

🌸  Patty Anne  🌸

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Owl doodle ink sketch

I have a little owl to share with you today.  Hope this silly guy leaves you smiling.

Happy Sunday, friends! 💗

Silly owl zentangle sketch part 1

I thought it would be a hoot to work on a little owl doodle. 😉

A simple owl sketch starts things off and then the fun begins…adding different #zentangle patterns all over.


Silly owl zentangle sketch - part 2

A little more completed here and this fella looks like he is wearing his fancy clothes.


Silly owl zentangle sketch - final

Darkening the eyes made a difference (always important when painting as well).  The addition of a fun pattern on his head worked well. I like how that turned out.

finished this piece a few months ago and set it aside. Recently I pulled it back out and with a fresh eyes decided that this guy needed to make an appearance on my blog. 💚🦉

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and shine on!

🌸 Patty Anne  🌸

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Patty Anne Art

A few favorites this year

I have a little round up of a few favorites to share with you. I’ve been playing with different styles and different media this year and thought it would be fun to take a look back.

Happy Sunday, friends! 💚


Tufted Titmouse bird Procreate digital art

This digital painting started with a pencil sketch of a bird that I imported into the Procreate app on my iPad. In Procreate, I darkened the sketch and had fun painting it. I love how the cool background and softness made this painting feel a bit dreamy.


ink sketch - doodl swirls

I’ve been enjoying doodling and playing with #zentangle patterns more and more this year. This swirly doodle feels like it is bursting with joy from the center and that makes me happy. 😀


Coffee painted roses

Painting with coffee was something new for me and I had a lot of fun with it. I love how these coffee roses turned out and oh that smell….delightful! ☕️


floral pink watercolor and ink painting

This year I’ve been playing with doodle sketching on top of watercolor. I’ve always loved this combination and really enjoy experimenting and creating this way. The watercolor under painting acts as a guide and inspiration for the final sketching on top.

A few tips:
– too much sketching on top can compete with the background and get very busy

– selective doodles add fun and can guide the viewers eye around the painting

– leaving some white areas unpainted is important, it adds balance and some highlights


Soft leaves and vines in watercolor

This is such a simple painting in terms of subject and technique but it makes me happy. Sometimes less is best. 🌿

I’m glad that I’ve been trying new things and exploring different techniques. It keeps me moving forward and excited about the next project. I think I’ve made some good progress this year, that feels really good.

Hope you enjoyed this little look back and are inspired to create art and do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and stay excellent!

 🌸  Patty Anne  🌸

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Patty Anne Art

Humming by on Thursday

A little look back at a painting from last fall. I was inspired by watercolor artist, Jean Haines, and I painted this colorful little hummingbird.

Happy Thursday, friends! 💚

Hummingbird watercolor

Hummingbird Joy –  9 x 12 inch Bee watercolor paper

I hope things are going well and you find yourself humming a happy tune.

Until next time, share a smile and shine on!

🌸  Patty Anne  🌸

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Patty Anne Art