Flowers in my sketchbook

Today I have some pretty Cosmos flowers to share with you.

Cosmos watercolor in progress

This is an in progress view of my watercolor painting. At this point I had stopped painting thinking that it was finished. After looking at my photo I could see that it needed a little more work. It’s always good to step back and take another look.

I decided to strengthen the color of the flowers and add more detail in the center.

Cosmos watercolor flowers

I think those changes made quite a difference without overworking the painting. It seemed to really wake up these happy flowers. yay!

One interesting note that I wanted to share about this painting is that I used only a small flat brush (1/2 inch) and small liner brush (#1). I’m always amazed what is possible with a flat brush the more I use it.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love. Jump in and let the magic happen. Until next time, share a smile and shine on!

🌸 Patty Anne 🌸

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I’ve been waiting…

I’ve been waiting for the Cosmos that I planted from seed to bloom. This week, it finally happened. I was pretty excited when I looked outside to see this beauty.

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Cosmos lavender flower photo

She quickly became my painting inspiration for the week. ❤

Those little joyful petals just make me smile

and that yummy color just sings.


Cosmos flower watercolor painting

Just a few simple lines with a Micron pen to place the petals and then the addition of watercolor to brighten it up.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do what you love. Thank you for stopping by and following along.

Until next time, be the light and shine on!

Happy Painting!

Patty Anne

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