One last swim

A few favorite photos to share from a recent weekend at the lake.

Happy Sunday friends! 🙂

Splashing in the lake photo

One last hurrah at the lake, splashing around and having fun!


Huey in air dive into the lake photo

Diving in and loving every minute of it. 💗🐾 Oh, happy day!!


Huey diving into the lake photo

and back in again… but this time I managed to get a shot with one paw in the water and the rest of his body in the air.


Labrador playing at the shore photo

Playing at the shore in the weeds and getting ready to hit the dock again at full speed.


Labrador Retriever swimming photo

A view through the weeds on the shore as my boy swims by.


Pines and lake reflection photo

I love this lake view, so calm and peaceful.


Pine branch at the shore photo

This photo of a pine branch in the afternoon sun really speaks to my heart.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this time at the lake and Huey’s last swim of the season.

Hope you have a great week.

Happy Painting!

Patty Anne

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A Big Hello from Huey

In honor of the Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog, I thought it was a good time to introduce my Black Lab, Huey Lewis.

Hello Huey!
Huey Lewis

Huey is a happy boy, always ready to play and have fun. He loves the usual games like catch, fetch, and keep away with Mom’s socks. It’s pretty cute when he wants to play and will try to get my attention by dropping his toy on my lap or my desk. If he still doesn’t get my attention, he will pick it up and toss it to me. 🙂


Huey swimming
Huey out for a swim at the lake


His other true love is swimming. When we are at the lake it is hard to keep him out of the water.  The lake is his happy place (and mine too). 🙂

Pure joy at the lake
Pure joy at the lake


He is alway on patrol keeping an eye on the yard and everything going on in the neighborhood. Last year I painted this picture of him sitting on the couch looking outside. He takes this job very seriously.

Labrador Pup
Huey watching over the backyard


I hope you enjoyed meeting my sweet boy, Huey Lewis.  Thanks for stopping by and following along.

Until next time, have a great week and enjoy yourself.

Happy Painting!

Patty Anne




Cute Puppy – watercolor process

I painted my parent’s cute little dog this week. He is a Morkie, a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix. I lightly sketched his placement on the paper and was surprised at how quickly the painting came together.

I took a few pictures as I was painting and I could see the pup coming to life on the paper. I thought it would be fun to share the process with you in this post.

The eyes are painted first and then a few spots of color here and there to clearly define the overall shape so that I don’t get lost while painting.

Morkie watercolor- the beginning
Morkie watercolor – the beginning

Then adding more paint to define the face and ears while trying not to over do it.

Morkie watercolor - in progress
Morkie watercolor – in progress

Continuing on with more definition and finally some background color using Daniel Smith Phthalo Blue (one of my favorite colors!).  Below is the finished painting on Canson Watercolor paper.

Morkie watercolor - completed
Morkie watercolor – completed

What are your favorite paints and colors?  I would love to hear from you.

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Happy Painting!!

Patty Anne

Watercolor Dog painting

I’ve been working on painting dogs this week.  This is a painting of my two year old Labrador Retriever pup. The bright bold background of this painting matches his spirit and personality!

Painted in my 8×10 inch Pentalic Watercolor sketchbook.

Watercolor Labrador Retriever
Watercolor Labrador Retriever

Watercolor tip:

A small spray bottle is very handy for wetting your paint before you start painting. My bottle is plastic and has a cap.  I can easily take it with me when I travel and am painting away from home.

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Happy Painting!

Patty Anne


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