A variety of landscapes

Today I have a variety of landscapes to share with you. One of my art goals this year was to continue to paint more landscapes and push myself to explore and have fun.

Happy Sunday, friends! 💚

Abstract landscape

Warmer colors in the foreground and cooler colors in the background.

I love the brush marks and water spots in the foreground. They create some nice interest and texture.

Brushes used: large round #14 and a mini fan

landscape with poppies

Countryside landscape

I follow many awesome artists on Instagram. This piece was inspired by sophiemomo1. Her works always speaks to me and pulls me in. I can feel the calm and beauty of nature in her work.

The flowers and leaves in the foreground add nice color to this piece. I just love how they turned out, they’re quite joyful.

quick mini landscape practice pieces

In my 9 x 12 inch watercolor sketchbook I taped off 4 squares for mini landscapes. This exercise allowed me to complete some quick paintings and try out a few different scenes.

I started with simple sketches and painted with a large brush to keep things loose. It was a good practice and lots of fun.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and shine on!

🌸 Patty Anne 🌸

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Silent Sunday – at the beach watercolor

at the beach watercolor painting

At the Beach watercolor painting inspired by Jodi Hand on Skillshare,
Mini watercolor landscapes.

Hope your Sunday is wonderful! 💚

🌸 Patty Anne 🌸

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Watercolor Landscape practice continues

I have another landscape practice to share with you today. I’m trying to paint at least one landscape a week in an effort to improve my confidence and skills.

Happy Thursday, friends! 💚


landscape watercolor painting

Browsing the September 2019 edition of “Paint & Draw Watercolour” magazine, I was inspired by Jem Bowden’s landscape painting and tips.

I am starting to feel a little more confident with each landscape. I like the depth I was able to achieve in this painting. I think I’m moving in the right direction. As they say, practice makes progress.  yay!

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and shine on!

 🌸   Patty Anne  🌸

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Inspired watercolor landscapes

Today I have a few watercolor landscapes to share that were inspired by amazing artists that I follow on Instagram.

Happy Sunday, friends! 💚

Tree by the sea watercolor painting

This 9 x 12″ watercolor painting was inspired by artist, @valeriemafrica

I pushed myself to try a more involved landscape this time. I was worried about painting the hillside and foreground details but I like how it turned out.


Simple watercolor landscape painting

This simple landscape was inspired by @debi.riley

I used only two colors for this painting: Burnt Sienna light and Indigo

My favorite part of this one is the large expressive brush strokes in the foreground with wet paint on dry paper.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love.

Until next time, share a smile and shine on!

🌸  Patty Anne  🌸

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Landscape practice continues

I’ve been having fun painting more landscapes and have a few to share with you today.

Happy Thursday, friends! 🧡


distant hills watercolor

A simple landscape of distant hills.

I’ve been trying to push ahead and paint without worry. Some days that’s easier than others. 😊simple abstract watercolor landscape

A peaceful scene with distant trees and hills.

Daniel Smith watercolors:  Ultramarine blue, Burnt sienna light, and Yellow ochre
Brush:  Princeton Neptune Round 12

Watercolor tips:

  • I think about the landscape in three sections: the sky, middle, and foreground.
    That makes this type of painting less intimidating for me.
  • Using a limited palette creates color harmony and simplifies decision making.
    When I limit my color choices I feel less pressure as I am painting.


I hope you enjoy seeing my art and are inspired to create, play, and have fun.

Until next time, share a smile and stay excellent.

🌸  Patty Anne 🌸

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