Field of Poppies in Watercolor

I love Poppies and wish that I had some in my garden. I will have to work on that some time soon. The delicate petals remind me of tissue paper flowers I remember making as a child. Every year when I see the blooms up close I am amazed at their beauty.

This week I worked on painting Poppies while trying to keep things loose and not worry much about the details. It took a few paintings to get the feel of slowly building up the color on the petals with a variety of shapes and different brushstrokes.  Things also started to look better once I remembered to vary the size, shape, color, and position of the flowers in the field.

Field of Poppies
Field of Poppies

Color mixing notes:

Flower Petals:  A mix of Quinacridone Rose and Pyrrol Red (Daniel Smith watercolors). For lighter shades of the same color, simply add more water.

I had fun with this and will probably paint more Poppies in the future. I was amazed at how quickly this painting came together and how relaxing it was when I could just let go and paint without overthinking it.

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Happy Painting!!

Patty Anne

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