Coffee and Roses

I have a few pieces to share with you that I recently painted with coffee. I am a big coffee lover but have never painted with it before.

Happy Sunday, friends! 😊

After watching a painting with coffee SkillShare class by Yasmina Creates, I thought it would be fun. I didn’t have any instant coffee as recommended. Instead I used espresso powder for baking that I had on hand, it worked pretty well…  ☕️

For darker shades I mixed more coffee with less water

and lighter shades I mixed more water with less coffee

Cup of coffee painted with coffee

First try… Cup of coffee (painted with coffee 😉)

I like the shape of the cup and nice dark values here but may have added a little too much steam.

A few things I learned:

  • Coffee is not transparent
  • It moves a lot on paper and is a bit hard to control
  • Stronger coffee/darker shades take much longer to dry
  • Darker thicker coffee is shiny after it dries (kind of cool)


Coffee painted rose

6 x 9 inch – Simple rose

A nice little practice, just playing and having fun.


Coffee painted roses

6 x 9 inch – Coffee roses

It was fun to try something different. Painting with one color forced me to focus on value and shape, that’s a good thing.

I hope you are inspired to create art and do more of what you love. With all of this coffee talk, I’m ready sit back and enjoy a nice hot cup to drink.

Until next time, share a smile and shine on.

Patty Anne 💙

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Patty Anne Art

Blue Roses

A little watercolor practice painting roses using a limited palette. Another fun exercise in Jean Haines’ new book,  Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour.

Happy Sunday, friends!

Roses watercolor painting

9 x 12 Reasons in Blue  – Canson Watercolor sketchbook

I have a few of Jean’s books and have learned so much from them. Her books are full of gorgeous paintings, inspiration, and fun exercises. I painted these loose roses following along with her simply blue exercise.

Blue is my favorite color so I was pulled in. This exercise was a good chance to practice her technique of putting down color in a circular pattern and then using a clean damp brush to push and pull color to indicate rose petals.

It fills my heart with joy to be able to create art and share it with all of you. I encourage you to have fun and do what you love. Art is for everyone, we can all create, we are all artists!

Happy Painting!

Patty Anne

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Patty Anne Art

Lovely Roses

A few roses to share with you today.  While we were on vacation earlier this year my husband captured these beautiful images with our new camera.  Hope you enjoy.

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Delicate white rose photo

A simple white rose surrounded by many shades of green.


lovely hot pink roses photo

Delicate pink petals, so many different shades of happy. ❤


Pink tipped rose photo

A gorgeous pink tipped rose….hello beautiful!

These photos make me want to grab a brush and practice painting roses. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and following along. I hope you are inspired to create art and do what you love.  Until next time, have a great week!

Happy Painting!

Patty Anne

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Simple Petals & Leaves

It is always fun to play and practice.

A few simple flowers and leaves with my favorite Dagger brush. ❤

For this practice, I limited the colors used and tried to limit the number of brush strokes on each flower. At first I was a little disappointed that I could not master the rose shape but what I realized after playing around a while is that I actually like the irregular shapes best.

Simple Roses
Simple Roses

I started at the base of the flower putting pressure on the brush and pulling up toward the top,  then the same thing on the other side to complete the bud shape.

While the bud was still wet, I tried to cradle it with green leaves. Starting at the base with smaller strokes, I pulled upward to create little leaves on both sides.

The last step was simply painting the stem by starting at the base of the bud/leaves and pulling down to create a fine line.


Simple petals and leaves
Simple petals and leaves

I loosened up after a while and then tried some other playful shapes. I really like how they turned out.


Simple Roses and buds

For this practice piece, I added a blue sky and played a little more.
Nothing complicated, just a few joyful flowers. 🙂

I think it is important to allow yourself time to play…it helps keep things interesting and fun.

Rose buds
Rose buds –  6 x 9 inch watercolor on Bee paper

For this final painting, I kept things soft and loose. I really love this painting and plan on giving it to a very special couple.

I hope you enjoy seeing my work and are inspired to create art and do something you love. Thank you for stopping by and following along. Until next time, have a great week!

Happy Painting!

Patty Anne



Painting Simple Leaves

I decided to practice painting some simple leaves. I pulled out my round #14, 10, 6, and small flat angle watercolor brushes to give it a try. I watched a few people online paint beautiful leaves with just a few simple brushstrokes and that inspired me to practice and see what I could do.

Brushstroke notes:  Load the brush with paint, then with the tip down on the paper, press down and slightly rotate while continuing to pull the brush and then slowly lift the brush up and off the paper.

The small flat angle brush delivered some beautiful shapes and I was happy with the outcome.

Simple leaves practice
Simple leaves practice – Flat Angle brush

My round #10 brush (a favorite of mine), did not work as well for this, and neither did my trusty old round #6.  Those two are usually my go to watercolor brushes.

I was very pleased and a bit surprised to find that my round #14 brush worked very well.  I was able to paint some large simple leaves with #14. I will have to keep that in mind for future paintings.

Leaves practice - Round #14
Simple Leaves practice – Round brush #14

Below is a quick painting of pink roses using the flat angle brush to paint the leaves. I will need to work more on my leaf painting technique, but this was a good exercise.

Rose watercolor
Rose – practice with simple leaves

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Happy Painting!!

Patty Anne


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