Reflection at the shore

Lake weeds at the shore photo

I decided to paint something different this week.

Happy Sunday! πŸ™‚

Weeds and grass at the lake shore. Although it sounds like a simple subject, I worried that painting this photo would not turn out very well.

Lake weeds at the shore

My painting inspiration, a photo at the lake.

A few notes and tips before I share my results with you…

  • The water was painted first and after it dried I layered the grasses on top.
  • As you get further away, waves should be smaller and their color should be lighter.
  • For the weeds and grass, I used different sized brushes, different color mixes, and switched back and forth frequently.
  • Brushes used: Round #12, Flat angle 1/2 inch, and Liner #2
  • Painted while standing instead of sitting, it was a nice change.


My first attempt was a good practice. One problem that stands out is that there are not enough dark values. What I really like in this painting though is the feeling of movement in the grass and weeds.

Reflection at the shore watercolor

Reflection at the shoreΒ  – 9 x 12 inch Bee watercolor paper

Then my second attempt… a very different result, darker and bolder.

Probably went a little too far with dark values this time, a little over correction. πŸ˜‰

Reflection at the shore 2 watercolor

Reflection at the shore 2Β  –Β  9 x 12 inch Bee watercolor paper

Before starting the first painting, I had to hush that little voice telling me that I could not do this. I realized that I just had to get out of my own way and go for it. In the end, I had fun and learned something. That makes me happy. πŸ™‚

I hope you are inspired to create art and do what you love. Thank you for stopping by and following along. Until next time, share a simile and sprinkle kindness all around.

Happy Painting! ❀

Patty Anne

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Author: pattyanneart

An artist in love with watercolor painting and photography. On a journey to share art and happiness.

15 thoughts on “Reflection at the shore”

  1. I particularly like the dreamy quality of your first painting. I am always fascinated to understand the kind of internal dialogue that goes on inside of an artist who is making creative choices. Thanks so much for sharing what you were thinking and feeling as you painted these paintings and evaluated your work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Both are great Patty Anne but I like the stronger colours of the second one best. It’s good to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and paint something different – this is how we learn and improve as artists. I have to ignore that negative “I can’t, I don’t know how” voice too sometimes…

    Liked by 1 person

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