Painting Simple Leaves

Watercolor Rose

I decided to practice painting some simple leaves. I pulled out my round #14, 10, 6, and small flat angle watercolor brushes to give it a try. I watched a few people online paint beautiful leaves with just a few simple brushstrokes and that inspired me to practice and see what I could do.

Brushstroke notes:  Load the brush with paint, then with the tip down on the paper, press down and slightly rotate while continuing to pull the brush and then slowly lift the brush up and off the paper.

The small flat angle brush delivered some beautiful shapes and I was happy with the outcome.

Simple leaves practice
Simple leaves practice – Flat Angle brush

My round #10 brush (a favorite of mine), did not work as well for this, and neither did my trusty old round #6.  Those two are usually my go to watercolor brushes.

I was very pleased and a bit surprised to find that my round #14 brush worked very well.  I was able to paint some large simple leaves with #14. I will have to keep that in mind for future paintings.

Leaves practice - Round #14
Simple Leaves practice – Round brush #14

Below is a quick painting of pink roses using the flat angle brush to paint the leaves. I will need to work more on my leaf painting technique, but this was a good exercise.

Rose watercolor
Rose – practice with simple leaves

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Happy Painting!!

Patty Anne


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